Your Awakening Is Now


IMG_6815Your Infinite Self is the eternal person inside of you who operates out of an endless source of purity, liberated from all limits. Within your Infinite Self lies this eternal truth: Your greatest treasure is you, in all your shining glory, given freely as a gift to the world. The realisation of this treasure is a matter for you, and you alone. You are the only holder of the key and the unlocker of your soul.  When it comes to matters of your passion, your purpose, your place, there are no questions that can be asked or answered outside of your person, because it is all you, every precious part of it. Your fulfilment will not be obtained by anything you take on from the world around you, nor will it be earned by anything you do amidst your busy days. Your deepest fulfilment can only be gained as you connect with the eternity that dwells within you. There are no actions that can possibly come close to reflecting the endless expanse of the person you have always been, in the secret place. It is only as you refine yourself down to liquid gold that your treasure can be poured out. Your world has been waiting for the flow that only you can dispense from your Infinite Self, but you bravely declare that you are willing and invested, because who you are was always purposed to flow freely.

You already have everything you need to activate your own awakening

Your Infinite Self exchanges pride for confidence, so you can stand tall with your head held high.  At your core, you are adorned with a halo of honesty, and the robes of generosity.  The motives of your purest heart are always true. This heart craves a transparency that opens its arms wide to welcome intimate connection with others. Your Infinite Self is unbroken, having been made strong and confident in forgiveness and restoration. From this wholeness, your vulnerability is your greatest strength, because it is secure in a trust that extends only from your grace, without the blemish of fear, doubt or defensiveness. Your Infinite Self is complete in every way.

Your Infinite Self longs for you to pursue growth into the space that is free from the pain of old wounds, the toxicity of offence, the destruction of learned negative behaviours, the exhaustion and self-loathing of perfectionism, and the eroding effects of compromise. Your Infinite Self relies on you standing tall as an advocate, willing and able to advance the pathway of liberated expression, which requires an integrity that purifies you. This cleansing is a life-long expedition of refinement that will see you progressively remove sedimentary deposits of hurt, brokenness, destructive habits, poisonous mindsets, unforgiveness, and insecurity. As you come to rid yourself of these parasites, you begin to unearth the beautiful, powerful you that was hidden in there all along.

When your belief system is perfectly in line with your actions, your Infinite Self heaves a sigh of relief. It is liberating to have the burden of inconsistency and compromise lifted from your shoulders. In your Infinite Self there is no conflict, because you are in tune with your inner motives and your actions in the world. Who you are in yourself is perfectly aligned with who you are in the world. As this cleansing journey unfolds, Your Infinite Self comes to experience the empowering release of knowing that purity of heart is where freedom dwells.

Infinite Self, you are a perfect parcel of every good thing. You are more precious than a rare treasure, you are a momentary sparkle in all of creation that will never be seen again.


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