You Are Infinite


IMG_0206I have given myself completely to my belief in goodness.  With all that I am, I have invested into revealing every part of the goodness in myself, which then enables me to shine a light on the goodness in everyone around me. The more I expand my capacity for freeing my own goodness, the greater my ability to affect others to the same end. When our investment is in the ongoing release of goodness, the floodgates of purity open, and its wholesome flow nourishes us all.

My wholehearted belief in goodness is simple: I see it in every single person I meet. I never, ever measure people by their words or their deeds alone. Who am I to assume that I understand someone right to their core after simply observing them at a passing moment in time? The true, endless value of a person is found in the condition of their heart, and when all is said and done, all of our hearts, at their most pure, unbroken state, are clean and worthy of love. It is not mine to judge nor condemn, only to love and be loved. It is in this raw humanity that goodness can be seen, not only in some, but in every one.

It is because I witness goodness in people so consistently that I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you too have a perfect, untainted goodness at your core. Who you are is the substance of purity, the essence of perfection.  You exist first to let your goodness shine, flooding your world with a wash of radiance, transforming the atmosphere with your glow.

Your Infinite Self emanates your unique goodness in its most pure form. It is a delightful, you-shaped goodness that is unlike anyone else’s. There has never been a person in history with your perfect blend, nor will there ever be in future. You are a one-of-a-kind, a collector’s prize, as unique as a snowflake and as perfect as the clearest crystal. You are deeper than the ocean and vaster than the darkest starry night. You are more of a treasure than all of the jewels in the king’s palace. You are golden.


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