Unstoppable Freedom



Freedom has always been a fundamental priority in my life. For as long as I can remember I have valued freedom more than anything else. Freedom is central to healthy, successful continuation of life, because it enables every possibility thereafter. Freedom is the starting point of all fulfilment. It is the cornerstone of our ability to act with autonomy, the foundation of all healthy relationships, and it sets the scene for hope that we can make things better. Freedom is vital to our authority to pursue and achieve any thing we choose in all areas of our personal and professional lives.


When we are free we feel safe and empowered, which means that we can express and expand the fullness of our own identity. This freedom allows us to grow because when we are free we can direct our personal pathway, we can invest deeply into relationships, and we can pursue the deepest desires of our heart. Our level of freedom determines our capacity for the sort of success we drive ourselves. The way I see it, the more freedom we have, the more we can experience love, pursuit, and advancement. When we are free we can come and go, we can live and love.

The absence of freedom puts a stop to our pursuit of any sort of positive change. A lack of freedom means that we can’t direct our futures towards improvement. It puts a stop to the growth and development of those in our care, our relationships, our finances, our businesses and our capacity at work. Most of all, when freedom ends, so too does our health and wellness, because fulfilment relies on us acting powerfully towards outcomes that we define, pursue and achieve ourselves.

Freedom challenges injustice and provides for our journey through our shortcomings. When we are free we can rise and fall, we can try and fail, all because we have embraced these human liberties as our right, without undermining these rights for others. True freedom is not reliant on success, nor does it deny the freedoms of another when they fail. Rather, it sets a course of pursuit within a landscape of respectful acceptance. Freedom that imposes on another, or freedom that is quenched by failure was never freedom at all. Freedom is not anarchy. Freedom is right and fair and just. With freedom we respect and embrace every one’s right to fail.

For freedom to be without end, we rise to the fullness of our autonomy. We put ourselves in the driver’s seat of our lives, and we choose to act in the fullness of our power in all areas. I call this Unstoppable Freedom:

Unstoppable Freedom (noun)

A self-perpetuating state of liberty without limits, untethered by the struggle for mere survival.  A lifelong journey which exploits the opportunities found in hardship to actualise a higher, exceptional purpose.  Unstoppable freedom feeds itself as a snowball, where one leap of purpose-driven advancement triggers the next. It is the very nature of empowerment, the very essence of growth.  It is both the cause of strategic change, and the effect; it grows exponentially at the hand of the autonomous driver who always seeks new expressions of purpose.  Unstoppable freedom strategically uses the mindset, skills and gratitude of today’s liberty as a launch pad into more freedom.  It satisfies the innate human need for self-actualisation, while simultaneously causing an invigorating hunger for more.

Unstoppable Freedom brings outlooks that cause us to thrive amidst any change or challenge, because we come to maximise the opportunity inherent in that shifting situation.  We embrace all change, no matter how difficult it is as the fuel for growth and the catalyst for empowerment.  It is change that calls us to draw on the strengths and resources we already have, and it is change that allows us to drive every circumstance to possess rewards we have defined ourselves. In change we learn, we grow, we thrive. In change, we change!

This pathway is one forged by those who celebrate life: in love, in learning, and even in loss. To embark on the journey of  Unstoppable Freedom is to empower yourself to live to serve your deepest passions without limits.

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