The Most Important Meal Of The Day


On this morning two years ago, I remember getting up, knowing I was about to face one of the most challenging days of my life as I worked my way through grief and clawed my way out of the threat of bankruptcy, with my sixteen year old daughter missing the time she needed with me.

I decided that nourishing my body was the best way to respond, because this action would send a message to myself that I am worthy of success, and that I was powerful to overcome any challenge. When we take time to treat ourself with compassion and love, and when we invest in doing the things that fuel our bodies and our minds, we construct a powerful platform in our lives. This platform is one of self respect, of acceptance, optimism, empowerment. Acting like this gives us the physical and psychological energy to believe that we are more than enough, that we have an important role to play in our world, and most of all, that we are worthy of receiving love.


In 2014 the Australian Psychological Society found that the top five most effective self care strategies are simple: Doing something relaxing. Time with friends and family. Doing a hobby. Physical activity. Music. These kinds of activities have been proven to improve sleep, physical health, productivity, emotional well-being, and family and social relationships. What you do is up to you, but you must do something, and if you are serious about making this plan stick, you need to write it down. Dr Gail Matthews conducted a study last year that proved a written goal is 50% more likely to be achieved than one we only think of or talk about.

Breakfast, you are my favourite meal of the day, because you give me the chance to nurture myself and cheer myself on. And you remind me that I already have everything I need to serve my passions, without limits.

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