The Moon


Not only do I love living this life that I personally get to experience, but I treasure the fact that, as a human being, I get to share the same sorts of experiences with others. We all have so much in common in this world. With every rotation of our shared planet all of us are blessed with an array of sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings. At some point life serves us all with delicious, mouth-watering food, refreshing drops of rain, and the invigoration of a cool breeze. We have all been spoiled by the smell of rain, the boom of thunder, and the razor-sharp crack of a bolt of lightning. We have all known the hopeful promise of a glowing sunset.


I delight in so much of the world that we all get to live in, but without a doubt, I love sharing the moon with you more than any other thing. She is tantalisingly elusive and mysterious most of the time, exchanging the limelight for the modest beauty of collaboration; she yields to reflect the fire of the sun, to dance with the sparkle of the stars, and to drape herself with the costume of the clouds as they pass by.  But the moon knows her worth. She is in no rush. She will wait. With patience, she is content to work selflessly alongside those around her. But … when she is ready, and when heaven’s array provides a window of opportunity, the moon makes time serve her. In that moment, the moon shows that she is willing to radiate her own glorious perfection, without shame or fear. In her fullness, the moon is breathtaking. She rises with a voluminous, golden power that refuses to be ignored, then hoists herself up into the night sky to continue her stunning display. From her dark stage she shines, at first blanketing the fields with comforting warmth and grace, then projecting her clear, cool beam into any dark place that will have her. The ocean is a mirror for her glamour, magnifying her radiance to show the world that she is the fairest of them all. She splashes her light over us all without hesitation or discrimination, generously showering every part of creation with her brilliance, her sensuousness, her charm. She gushes love over each one of us equally.

I love that the moon presses on with the show right through the night. She is tireless. She rises higher, and shines stronger, and soars with more freedom. Her performance started with glory at the horizon, and then it persisted in a dazzling array of light up into the sky. And even though it is truly marvellous, the show still goes on longer, and with every part of her progress, the moon slowly reveals her intention. As she stretches further and ascends higher, the moon demonstrates that she is planning to climb to the top of the sky. As she scales the heavens she is relentless, unveiling still more of her energy, her grandeur, her authority. But in mastering this display of endurance, power and might, a perfect tragedy unfolds. The higher the moon becomes, the more distant her audience perceive her to be.

It was only a few hours ago that we all stared, our mouths watering over the glitzy celebrity moon as she announced herself from the horizon’s curtain. And she looked like she was close, because she was down here on our level, emerging from the skyline of the life that we know. But now, as she makes her way to the highest heights, she moves away from those familiar features of the landscape, and our human eyes can’t see that she is still just as close as she always was. Yes, she has her sights set on making it all the way to the top, but at no point in her journey will her distance from earth change. She will look like she is further away, but this is merely a trick played by our own limited minds. The moon’s climb to the pinnacle of her atmosphere cannot possibly take her any further away from the earth. She is held by the earth’s orbit. This world is the only home that the moon will ever know. The moon’s grandest act can only be performed in connection to the world she illuminates.

And the moon knows. She started the show with the intention of making the world brighter for her audience. And it was beautiful. And we watched. And we adored her. And the moon was happy, but not because of our human attention. The moon was happy because of her eternal intention. She never drew her energy from the accolades of the crowd, but from the drive of her mission. Her only motivation was to shine her light as far and wide as possible. As the gaze of the audience is lost, and our short span of attention turns to the comfort of our lounges and the coziness of our beds, the moon’s true nature is the only thing that is left. The most beautiful thing about the moon to me is that she is unstoppable in her passion. If you look out of your window in the early hours of the morning of the moon’s show, you will see her still there. Climbing. Striving. Persisting. Driven. Fulfilling her Purpose. Serving her Passion. Because it is who she is.

The Moon Show is a tragedy, but this is what makes it the most beautiful part of all.  It is beautiful because she radiates the fullness of her perfection. Because she pursues only her highest passion. Because she only exists to shine in service. Because she is compelled continue. Because no-one is watching. Because it is there for all the world to see, yet no-one sees it. Because I want to be her.

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