Real Life Steps To Business Recovery

I have been asked a few times lately about how I managed to turn my business around after losing Alec, my best friend, husband and business partner. I spend most of my time these days sharing with people to inspire them towards their own freedom, and helping them work out strategic steps to create their own progress. I can offer this support to others only because of the steps I have taken towards growth in my own life.
In my previous blog I shared how I worked hard to invest in systems to transform our business processes. I also talked about how my success in this major business overhaul relied on me accepting the support of others, who helped to conduct a massive physical clean up of my warehouse. This project took time, money, and above all else, faith in the skills I already had.

The warehouse restructure required me to direct all of my resources towards this goal that would set me free

Set Up The Equipment You Need
The clean up saw me purchasing new warehouse equipment and resources to implement the locations system and house our stock properly. The new fixtures and fittings cleaned up the craziness that our warehouse had become. We transformed the chaos into clarity with new shelving, hooks, tubs and a labelling machine (my personal favourite). We sorted all of the stock that had been bundled in together into clean and tidy sections of their own: vacuum bags, hoses, filters, wheels and floor tools all enjoyed their own special spot. Eventually, this allowed us to perform our first ever stocktake, which we finally did in October-November.
Clean Up!
This clean up was epic! It often felt like a treasure hunt.  In pulling the mess apart we uncovered piles of stock that I never knew I had because it had been buried in the mess … some of it had never even been listed on our website. The warehouse makeover combined several strategies:
1. We put old/broken stock that was worthless straight to the garbage. Two skips worth of stock that was really just rubbish.
2. We put stock that was already listed and available on my website into new locations that made sense.
3. We made literally hundreds of new listings to sell the unlisted stock we found. This turned into an avenue of cashflow that only cost me the time it took to create the listings. This was not cheap for me personally, and it took its toll on my well-being eventually, but at least it didn’t cost me any money.
Use The Skills You Already Have
I am so grateful for my teaching experience. Training the random team of people that put up their hand to get me through was a task that I had the skills for.  A central part of the restructure was the creation of manuals for every single procedure we used in the business. These manuals documented everything from receiving of stock to order fulfilment to the creation of new listings to the production of photos to the answering of phones to troubleshooting website glitches. There was not one single part of the business that wasn’t written down, and to this day the new owners still use those manuals. It was a mammoth task but it was essential for me to support the training of staff as they came and went, and to turn the business into something that other people could run.
Obstacles Accelerate Growth
With all of my heart I am convinced that every single obstacle in our life can be used to accelerate growth. We can possess a freedom that is truly unstoppable only when we use everything we have to pursue that growth. This means starting every day with an outrageously optimistic outlook that sees the world as providing unique opportunities for us, in all things … in all ways. When we realise that our choices can direct everything we have towards outcomes we define for ourselves, nothing can hold us back.
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