Power Doesn’t Come From Within

How many of us have been to seminars and left feeling pumped … but it turns into nothing? Or have had New Years resolutions that are dead by Easter? Or set goals that are never achieved? How many of us stick motivational quotes around our house to inspire us to be bigger and better than ever before, but nothing ever changes?  In our heart of hearts, we don’t really believe that we are powerful to effect or withstand change in our world. IMG_4401.JPG

The problem here is not that we lack Power. Rather, the problem is that we have been trying to manufacture a Power we can’t actually believe. We need evidence. We need to see this Power in action before we will believe it. The good news is that there is a more intuitive way of living that will allow us to truly know the Power of our Infinite Self. We all have Power that is already primed for activation within our Infinite Self, and to learn what that is we need to turn to nature. The reality is this:

Empowerment is Situational: The energy we need to make Power in ourselves comes from external sources in our world

Human beings have lots of things in common with all other living creatures. We Excrete waste, we Respond to the world around us, we Grow, we Move, we Reproduce. As living things, we need nourishment to give us energy, which we get from the world around us. In our western world we get food from our fridge and water from the tap. Thank God we have moved away from hunter gatherer lifestyles! We take this energy from our world, and then we transform it inside our bodies through our metabolism, to make Power that is useful to us. This is key!

For too long we have been trying to convince ourselves that our Power comes from within, but this is contradictory to our biological make up. We MAKE Power in ourselves, but we GET the energy for that process from the interactions we have with the world around us. We have been trying to manufacture Power inside ourselves all this time, but we know that it just doesn’t work! It’s time to flip this around to finally release our Infinite Self into a demonstration of Power in our lives that is completely Unstoppable.

I lost my voice in 2009 after working through a sinus infection I developed while teaching. The effects of the injury sent me into a spiral of Powerlessness which lasted a total of eighteen gruelling months of isolation. I developed a very healthy depression complete with flourishing drinking habit. I was a mess, emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially. I have never felt so disempowered in my entire life.

So much needed to change in my Perception of this situation to allow me to make positive progress through it, but the only way I could see a Power that I believed is by proving to myself that I really was in control of my choices and my feelings.  To stop drinking and start to win over the depression, I had to go without the drink, and start performing the actions of a happy person: running, laughing, dancing, loving my friends and family actively. This season taught me lessons that have helped my in every area of my life ever since:

TODAY’S BEST IS TOMORROW’S BENCHMARK: If we are going to truly believe that we have the Power we need to withstand and even create change in our lives, we need to see ourselves on a pathway of genuine life improvement. This means taking on a lifestyle of constant increase. The Japanese call it Kaizen. It means we never arrive at a culminating day of ultimate glory, because there are always new heights to be pursued. It means that we never face the risk of quitting or regressing when we hit the slump that often follows the achievement. It means we get to enjoy the rewards of this one moment while taking in the panoramic views of the bright future ahead.

With this approach we can take on quitting or simply reducing smoking, drinking, over-eating, or over-spending. We can overcome procrastination, over-sleeping, or workaholism. We can even make ourselves better people by putting a stop to gossip, lying, selfishness or self-doubt. Making Powerful progress in any area can only come this way. When I watch myself achieve a new level of success, I never go back to old ways of thinking, acting, talking, being.

Living this way means that we never find ourselves backing down or making compromises in our life. With this approach we finally do away with the struggle we have had in realising our Power at work, in our relationships, with our spending, in our family arrangements. This mindset means we always know that this part of our life is better than it has ever been before, and it can only get better from here.

NEVER BREAK A DEAL WITH YOURSELF: You will never believe you are Powerful if you watch yourself fail at commitments. Honestly, you are better to never make the commitment in the first place. The damage of breaking that promise is so much worse than never setting the goal that you don’t see through. Your self-respect is the central pillar of your Power. Once you make a promise to yourself, you must keep it if you want to know a Power that is Unstoppable.

Because of the serious approach I take with making commitments, I hesitate every time. I may well be the only coach or motivator who ever suggests that you avoid setting goals. It’s not that they are not important … I just know that failing to achieve them can have a damaging and even destructive effect. Of course achieving new landmarks is important to progress, so I have developed a positive, human-friendly approach that helps to minimise the damage of possible failure.

SET UP WINS, NOT GOALS: My goals function more as an expectation of the sequence of wins that I have set myself up for. I know that I will get better at being me, in an increasingly limitless expression of my Infinite Self, if I simply practice being that person in my normal day-to-day life. I grow into new wins financially by directing my spending plan towards my priorities, and I enjoy wins in my family by learning how to love in ways that are generous, healthy and sustainable. I string wins together in business by managing my time and resources strategically, and I also enjoy wins as a writer by persisting every day with being consistent and enlivened by my work.

I have ideal outcomes in mind for every area of my life, but I need to remember that I can only draw energy from my smaller wins, and I transform that energy into Power inside me. I am currently working towards running a marathon, and I have even set this year as my timeframe, but I hold loosely to it all knowing that this goal, like all goals, can only be achieved on the back of wins that follow wins.

To pursue the goal I must first let go of it. This relief from striving will prevent us from the burnout that comes from chasing after big goals that feel unobtainable. The primary aim is always for the smaller win of progress, so the greatest endeavour is making a life that allows me to string wins together. The energy that comes from real life wins allows me to renew the Power of my Infinite Self. When I want to achieve something I do work at it, but always mindful of these truths:

  • striving for Power is the opposite of generating it
  • no single goal can bring me ultimate fulfilment
  • progress is the natural result of persistence
  • each Now moment presents its own fleeting opportunity for reward
  • goals are designed to end but wins fuel more wins

We can take each of these three approaches into every area of our life to experience the Power of our Infinite Self. The attributes of self-respect, constant improvement, persistence, and celebrating wins will always offer more lasting reward than finite, limited progress in any one area, because these attributes give us the proof we need to believe that we really are Powerful.  To truly come to know the Power of our Infinite Self, we need this evidence. We need to watch ourselves draw energy from our successful performance in the world, and then transform that energy into the Power we need to turn any disaster into our Next Big Chance.