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People watching is one of my favourite activities. We human beings are mesmerising subjects, and under the microscope of observation the fascination only gets better. When I look at the people around me on a good day, I feel great, and the world looks grand. On that day, people look how I feel. They look smiley and confident and generous and kind. People look like they have everything they need to make progress in their life, and I am happy for them, down to my core. I want each person I see to take their own powerful steps towards growth along their own unique path. When I am operating out of my fullest, most liberated self I have not even the slightest inclination to compare myself with others because I am too busy enjoying the fact that I am enough. I am too busy embracing the fact that my journey, with all its challenges and all its spoils, are satisfyingly mine.


Comparison with others is swapped out for wholeness when we champion our  own power to move strategically

On a bad day, people look different. On this day I look out at the world around me and I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am mind-numbingly aware that I work too hard at working hard, and I sit back wishing that it could all be different.  From this outlook, we are entitled, acting as if we are somehow destined to have the successes we want in our life, without making the choices we need to transform moments into opportunities. We haven’t done what we need to do to enjoy the spoils of our success now. People do look different from this perspective: they are always further ahead than I am. They seem richer, smarter, healthier, happier. The sight that meets my eyes triggers the misery of my own internal bitterness. From this self-righteous mindset I risk being corrupted by my own jealousy, unless I take action towards my own progress.

We Possess new directions for our Infinite Self in Opportunity by taking strategic action in the world around us

I have found benefit in comparing ourselves not to other people, but more broadly, to other living things. It is a wonderful thing indeed to celebrate simply being alive, and to pull wisdom from a more intuitive way of being. Living things move their bodies. This movement is not initiated or caused by an external force but it is independent and directed by the living thing itself. The movement of living things allows them to source energy, to obtain essential requirements such as water or air, to respond to the environment, to reproduce, or to protect itself from a threat. The movement of the living thing is central to its ability to sustain its own life. As a human being, my health and happiness depends on my ability to move purposefully towards the things that I need for my own unique fulfilment.

Time passes and things will never stay the same, but our ability to redirect the flow of our circumstances is what defines us as unstoppable. When my back is against the wall in my health, my relationships, my business or my emotions, I must do something different. Strategic action is the only way that that I can actively Possess a new outcome. It is not enough to survive in this world. Thats what we have been doing all along. Simply pulling yourself out of bed and doing activity while time passes is a lifestyle, but it’s not living. To enjoy a freedom that can’t be stopped we must exchange surviving for thriving by moving strategically.

  1. MOVE ONLY TOWARDS INTENTION: I direct everything I do towards my Plan A. There are no short-cuts to the fulfilment of Plan A, and there is no prescribed route either. When life throws me off course, I respond by rerouting back towards my aims, intent on pursuing only what I need in my life to be happy.
  2. MOVE ONLY TOWARDS AUTONOMY: I know that I am the only one who can move myself, and I embrace that responsibility as a privilege. I am most powerful when I am taking ownership of my happiness. It is always up to me to move
  3. MOVE ONLY TOWARDS REWARD: I run at the point of no return like a bull at a gate, energising the steps I need for my future by enjoying the spoils of the steps I took in my past. I know that my daily journey is the inheritance I give myself so I squeeze every bit of joy from my Have-It-Now inheritance.

Activating our Power in the world opens our eyes to the fullness of the gains we can make only if we follow through to Possess these gains. Our Infinite Self will come into its own like never before when we drive every Powerful action towards success in areas we have defined for ourselves.

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