Perspective Hacking

Perspective_Blog_Post_Photo-1The word ‘Perspective’ is a noun, meaning that its job in the English language is to name something.  I am convinced that this particular “something” is so important that I have dedicated my life to studying it, and teaching people about it.  In fact, research shows that it is at the very heart of our ability to live a rewarding, fulfilled life, ignited with purpose and fulfilment, especially when facing adversity.  I define the word perspective this way:

Perspective: (noun)

an outlook, a point of view, a mindset, or a worldview.  The lens through which we understand. The dynamic, flexible product of our unique meaning-making journey. The result of the personal, subjective process we go through to navigate our course through the world. The evolving, changing way that we see ourselves and our world.

Our perspective is man-made.  Actually, it is us made.  Each of us have created our own perspective by combining the ingredients of temperament, thoughts and feelings with our moment-by-moment experiences.  And as the sole license-holding creator of your perspective, you are the only one with the right to make changes.  Your ‘edit and review’ process might have been largely happening by accident up to now, but from here on in you are armed with this new knowledge:  You have an exclusive power to transform your perspective into anything you want it to be.

The word ‘Hack’ is a verb, meaning that it’s the type of word we use in the English language to label an action.  It is a doing word.  ‘Hacking’ has earned itself a “Buzz word” status lately, and I have decided to jump on the bandwagon, because this word best conveys how we can successfully reconstruct our perspectives to serve our best interests.  I define the act of hacking like this:

Hacking: (verb)

The strategic act of unlocking, with the intention of making changes from the inside.  To deliberately break into something that was previously restricted in order to modify the found state.  To knowingly obtain access by dismantling or disarming the barriers that were intended to keep you out, so that new structures can be implemented.  

As I go about my days, making, building, helping, training, loving, serving, I dedicate myself to the process of hacking into my inner perspectives to continually refine what’s in there.  I call it Perspective Hacking. When I narrate my stories and memories, when I share my goals and dreams, and when I communicate my professional insights, my aim is to expose the power each of us has to tactically reconstruct our outlook, which then flows through to transform what we think, say and do. I have defined Perspective Hacking this way:

Perspective Hacking: (verb)

The process of strategically dismantling the barriers of old mindsets to break into unstoppable freedom.  A journey of personal empowerment that unlocks new ways of seeing yourself and your world so that even amidst the most overwhelming change, opportunities for personal growth and gain can be recognised and exploited.  Perspective hacking allows us to define the priorities, motives and goals that stem from our unique identity, and then reframe the way we view our circumstances so that we are liberated to fulfil those aims.  In this way, perspective hacking allows us to possess our own tailor-made success, and fulfil our own unique purpose.

In everything I do, I craft my show and tell in the hope that you are inspired to reinvent your outlook, one thought at a time. Because changing how you see changes what you see.  Even more than that, it changes who you are, from the inside out, creating a brand new self for your brand new world. As a Perspective Hacker, you get to be a person of your own making, and you get to live in a world that serves up only opportunities that you want to invest in. Perspective Hacking installs an optimism in your life that automatically responds to even the most gruelling challenge with an expectation of mind-blowing success.  As a Perspective Hacker, you experience true freedom because you are empowered to define yourself, your goals, your strengths, and your actions.  You are no longer bound by the effects of adverse circumstances, negative people, or even your own limitations.