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There are times in life that bring change that is completely unexpected, and too often we fall into the trap of interpreting these events as a disaster. It is so easy to view the world from the comfort zone of the normal, the predictable, the familiar … From this place, we think that fulfilment can only be experienced when all of life’s good things remain just as they are. The problem is that when changes come out of the blue and hurl us into an unknown landscape, our head spins us till we are dizzy and blind. Our first reaction is to feel intimidated and powerless, terrified that our personal limitations are going to usher in the day we have been dreading for as long as we can remember: the day where we finally come undone. The task of confronting our own fear and doubt is horrifying for some, nauseating for others. When a shift in circumstance comes out of the blue, we are forced to face the reality that things never stay the same.


Our Infinite Self tells a different story. She replaces fear with hope, doubt with trust, and dismay for celebration. In pure, blissful Optimism, she expects that every unfolding circumstance will serve her best interests, because she is confident in her ability to find every opportunity that is hidden in life’s twists and turns. She knows that the trick to freedom is realising that change is inevitable, and always as good as a holiday. She never makes the mistake of calling any moment a crisis or disaster, because she optimistically defines them as her Next Big Chance.

We Perceive the function of our Infinite Self with Optimism by making meaningful personal connections in the world around us

The day we decided to close the doors of That Repair Shop could have been the bleakest day for us, because it was a choice that we made in response to the very real threat of bankruptcy.

But it wasn’t.

Our choice to redirect our focus towards building other online income streams was not made out of fear or doubt. Yes, we had no idea how things were going to turn out. Yes, we were terrified. Yes, we were intimidated. And yes, the change caused an unprecedented level of discomfort. But no, this was not how things were going to stay. There was change in the air, and we threw ourselves into the pursuit of a freedom that is unstoppable. We maximised this change by actively believing that the future could be as bright as we hoped. It was a gamble that hinged on absolute investment. And we gave ourselves to it with abandon.

Our insecurities called us to a pathway of retreat, but instead, we decided once again to stretch ourselves and our vision into the big wide world. We took steps not of self-preservation, but advancement into the deepest passions of our heart. We launched ourselves out of the corner we found ourselves in by using the hardship as a launchpad into a world of possibilities. We decided to open our hearts wider to the world than we ever had before, believing that the world was our opportunity-making oyster. We trusted every good thing would come to us, and we put our money where our mouth was, literally! We acted on the hope that it would actually turn out okay in the end, knowing that if it wasn’t okay, then it wasn’t the end, so we could keep going.

We took this outlook into the next season of our lives, enjoying the pursuit of success almost as much as its spoils along the way. At the end of the day, we realised that random, unpredictable events will happen. This is certain. But, we also learned that our response can exploit obstacles for growth that couldn’t have come from any other pathway. We saw first hand that Our Infinite Self is always Optimistic because she thrives amidst interactions with a world whose only constant is lack of certainty. Even with our backs against the wall, we could run free in the knowledge that true expression comes from demonstrating our Infinite Self through the interactions we have with the world around us.

When we are clear on our mission in life, our responses in the day-to-day can be used to direct us right through the eye of the storm into a rich fulfilment that could not be experienced any other way.

  1. RESPOND TO YOUR SEASON: Our greatest pride should be the one we have in knowing ourselves and our passions, so that when the unexpected Change comes, we know how to direct our response towards deep fulfilment at all times.
  2. RESPOND WITH INVESTMENT: We should always take action that throws us into the pathway of realising our passions, regardless of how harrowing this pathway might be.
  3. RESPOND TO THE CAUSE: We should realise that off-the-cuff reactions attend only to the urgent demands of the moment, which are like the symptoms of a cold. But strategic responses direct everything we have towards the Passions of our heart, which attends to the greatest cause of all: the full expression of our Infinite Self.
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