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I used to be a trained teacher, a singer in my local church, and the owner and director of my own businesses in service and retail industries. I am your classic over achiever, having graduated my teacher training with honours from university whilst working to build Australia’s largest online vacuum parts store. I have also faced some of the most traumatic events imaginable, traversing the rough terrain of divorce and remarriage, and overcoming dark days of depression and anxiety. The turning point of my life came one night in June 2014, when I came home from work to find my husband, and partner in all things, had had an unexpected heart attack. I found him lying face down on my kitchen floor, dead.

This crash course in life has given me the ability to speak with authority on the essence needed to overcome any challenge that life may throw at you. The crisis of my husband’s death shocked me into the realisation that I was the only one powerful enough to change my life, and that it didn’t serve me to rely on anyone else for my personal fulfilment or my professional success. Life is too short to not make the most of every single moment.

Now I teach professional men and women the leadership and management skills they need to put them back in the driver’s seat of their business. There is a way that every one of us can escape from the every day grind to follow our deepest passions without limits. It starts with learning how to maximise the use of our resources, including our time, our learned skills, and our physical equipment. Through my remarkable story I can show you how to get more out of your current situation without having to put more in. In my work I replace long work days filled with confusion, overwhelm and burnout with a routines that are driven by purpose and vibrant with productivity.  It is my honour to work as a Speaker, Author and Workplace Process Architect to show men and women see how they can escalate their own success.

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