Our Words Are Our Power


I love being introduced as Kerry Anne Nelson. It is perfectly appropriate because it is actually my name, so that works well! But if you and I were closer, you would know that I am rarely called Kerry Anne in my everyday life. If you were my Aunty Sandy, you would call me that. If you were my mum loving on me, you would call me Kerry Anne for sure, and you might even venture to Kerry Anna… or if you were my dad and I was annoying you, you would definitely call me Kerry Anne. These days, being called Kerry Anne has special significance for me.


In our stories we gather everything we need to grow

My dad’s voice still speaks to me loud and clear as an adult, with his words echoing in my years all these decades later. “Think before you speak Kerry Anne” was something he used to say … A LOT! In my younger years I found this so completely frustrating and it made me angry, because it felt like he was trying to silence me… but now, I see the wisdom in those pearls. Some things need to be silenced, while others need to be shouted from the rooftops. The trick is knowing what’s what. You see, I am a talker and a sharer … I always have been. But now, as an adult, with a few seasons of growth and change under my belt, I prefer the title Professional Speaker. It is far more flattering than the names I used to attract like “chatterbox” or “loudmouth”. What I especially like about the title “Professional Speaker” is that it starts to give us a clue about the power I have found in being intentional with the things I say. It dawned on me a little while ago that Kerry Anne Nelson was the perfect Professional Speaker name, because I am thinking before I speak, Kerry Anne!

Our words are connected to our power. In fact, these two parts of ourselves are tied so closely that I would call them inseparable. Both the words we say to ourselves, and the words we say out loud to others, direct us through life like a rudder on a ship. Proverbs says that the power of life and death is in our tongue, and Ghandi says “A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” This means that our power is our words … In fact, it means our words have so much power that we actually become them.

Who we are and how we travel through life’s journey hangs on the power of our words. Truly knowing this as a transforming reality is empowerment defined. We all share the same superpower: Our words create reality. Let’s choose words of Life! Freedom! Success! Joy! Courage! Health! Growth! Let’s use our words to create our own personalised experience of Unstoppable Freedom

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