My Word For The Year


My word for this year: PURPOSE

Each year I set a new word for the year. Since 2012 I’ve been choosing a theme to encourage and inspire myself along the way, setting my vision and anchoring my choices towards my best, most goodness-filled life.
It’s a significant journey to go through each year. It generally starts around October as I start reflecting on the year I have been in so far and imagining possibilities for the one to come. By the end of the year I will have settled on my new word, then from January 1st, I DO that word! I put the word into action, and explore it in my quiet times with myself, and with God, to find the learning hidden there.
My word for 2021 – DELIGHT – was valuable to keep my heart focussed on gratitude and wonder at the simple things we can enjoy every day. There are so many things that are simply beautiful. Simply divine. Simply breathtaking. It has been delightful to find them and appreciate them, especially through lonely, mind-numbing lockdowns and the uncertainty of the unpredictable times we’ve shared.
To focus on PURPOSE this year is a choice to keep my eyes on the prize … Well, not just one prize, but all the prizes life has to offer. It is with purpose-filled intention that I want to live this year, stepping up to master the way I look after all the prizes in my care.
With PURPOSE I want 2022 to be about sharing with my loved ones, supporting my husband, my children, my family, and my friends to enjoy their best lives.
With PURPOSE I will step up to be a more effective manager of the resources I am blessed with. I will set boundaries with my time, finances, headspace, and possessions to advance with boldness towards my goals. I will get help when I need it and act with boldness to lead with clarity and intention.
With PURPOSE I will care for myself physically, spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally, investing time and effort to keep myself healthy and able to enjoy my life and invest in the things I hold dear.
With PURPOSE I will make a greater impact in my community, giving smarter so I can give more. I will be careful with my resources to never give away my ability to give, so generosity can flow to make a genuine difference to those in need.
My aim is to use PURPOSE to filter my choices in all things to do everything I can to avoid wasting this precious life!
Thank you for being here Facebook Team! It fills my heart to be inspired by your stories and uplifted by your tenacity and determination to overcome. May we all enjoy abundance and prosperity as we continue to grow and learn together through all life has to offer.

I wonder … do you have a tradition or ritual to start the year? Maybe you have a word too? I would love to hear about it 🙂

Happy New Year!

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