Make A Life Worth Telling


Every day now, I live my life to make it count. As time soldiers on, I find myself increasingly disengaged from things that don’t connect with something significant inside me. I have paid a high price to enjoy the life I have now, so I know that investing in things that enlarge meaning and purpose in my life will only continue to yield deeply satisfying rewards. I draw such joy and energy from working towards goals that make a difference in the world, from having substantial connections with my friends and family, and from getting to know myself better by exploring and extending my personal limitations. In all things, I have a sense of living the next chapter, and my aim is always to create an exceptional story that extends beyond who I am today.

From the time I left Wodonga I invested everything I had into making a life that was worthy of such a huge, risky sacrifice. For me to have ‘up and left’ like that was out of character in many ways, because I was connected to my family and friends there, and raising my children in love, power and freedom was a purpose that defined me to the core. On the other hand though, the choice to leave was a reflection of the person I had always been on the inside. It was an action that showed everyone, including myself, exactly who I was and what I was about. I would stop at nothing to create the life I wanted for myself and my children.

To have come as far as I did in only a few short years simply blew my mind. I was now the person who had set up my own home, owned a business, earned a degree and started a teaching career. These were transformations that I could barely believe, except I was living them every day!

Alec and I loved sharing this fast and furious journey together. With him working our business and me studying we settled into a blissful groove of everyday life. 2001 was the year that I studied at my local church Bible College, and by the end of this year I was working for my church as the Events Manager. Yes, we still had the everyday ups and downs of normal life, but I was a pretty happy camper on lots of fronts. Having the year to myself, studying first, then working and supporting myself and my kids was just a dream come true. Alec lived with his parents just out of town that year, but he stopped in every morning on his way to work, and then again for the evening on his way home. It was so ideal in every, and allowed us to both come to the very definite decision that we wanted to be married.

Our engagement was short and the wedding plans were pulled together in the same excited optimism that Alec and I did everything. I delighted in every part of organizing this event, throwing myself into classic colours and sentimental touches that created warm intimacy for the day. Having already been married, I felt uncomfortable wearing a traditional white gown, but as Alec’s queen I proudly donned a golden gown that I had designed myself. I also opted to have my 7 year old son Zac walk me down the aisle to give me away.  My kids were a central part of the ceremony. We all agreed it was a wedding day for all of us as a family, so it went without saying that Alec not only declared his commitment to me as my new husband, but he also vowed to care for the children, “with the heart of a loving father”. These magical family moments, along with the cheeky and romantic love notes that Alec slipped me throughout the entire day, barely left a dry eye in the house. In fact, even writing this now has me welling up. It is a beautiful memory of one of the best days of my life.

That day was one of the many pages in the ‘Fairy Tale’ chapter of my life. Despite this part of the story being written so long ago, it has left a deposit that will never age. I am convinced that making a life worth living relies on us making a deliberate choice to throw ourselves in wholeheartedly. May we expend every moment without reservation or regret. May we finish each day spent. May we refuel ourselves in the knowledge that we used up everything we could in extraordinary living. May we make a life worth telling.


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