Find and Follow Your Deepest Passions


A purpose without passion will drive us crazy. Passion fuels our purpose, and keeps us on track with our progress in it. A purpose that has no passion will eventually die because it will lie unrecognised and unfulfilled within us, and the longer we leave it, the worse it gets. If we don’t have passion to drive our purpose, then our purpose be like a cancer in our life, eating away at our ability to push through even the most simple of challenges. But with passion, our purpose drives every action and reaction towards success, even when we face changes that turn our life upside-down. Passion is so powerful that it turns every obstacle into the fuel of our purpose.


Fulfilment comes from awakening our passions

Maslow tells us that the deepest, most lasting fulfilment comes from the realisation of our unique potential. His theories talk directly to the problem of the increasing problem of the depressed middle class in the country that we call Lucky. He says that: “It is quite true that man lives by bread alone — when there is no bread. But what happens to man’s desires when there is plenty of bread and when his belly is chronically filled?”

So here’s the big question that I am asked more than any other: How do we find our Passion?

I am convinced that we already have everything that we need to find and follow our deepest passions. These 7 steps make this life changing task not only possible, but relatively easy. Make a list and take action for each of these steps. Today is the day your life will change.

P – People: Who is in your network?

A – Aptitude: What are your natural strengths?

S – Skills: What have you learned how to do?

S – Stuff: What resources do you have?

I – Imagination: What do you dream?

O – Opportunity: What can you change?

N – Now: What are you waiting for?

The reality is, we only have now. Even the moment that you started reading this post is over, and you are on the brink of the moment that you reach the end. Memories are valuable, but they have already been lived. Ambitions are enlivening, but they haven’t come to pass yet. The only moment we actually experience is the one we are in, right now. It is time to take ownership of our passion. Today is the day you can find it, and today is the day that you can start to follow it, without limits. That is Unstoppable Freedom.

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