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Outcomes Business Breakfast: Making a Difference While Making a Profit

October 29 2019 @ 7:00 am - 9:30 am

- $185.00

Melbourne business networking

“Making money is no fun. Contributing to and changing the world is a lot more fun.”- Muhammad Yunus

Humans are programmed to help each other. But how do we find a good balance between business growthand making a difference in the world?

Everyone’s talking about social responsibility and tackling world issues.

But it’s a delicate balance between making enough money to survive and contributing. So what is the secret?

  1. Charity begins at home, so the first point of call needs to be your personal growth strategy.
  2. The next step is building your client relationships and taking them on this journey of social enterprise with you.
  3. You then need to leverage yourself. Until you create a system that gives you the freedom to work outside your day-to-day business, you won’t be able to get ahead.

Now you are on your way to creating a profitable and socially-focused company.

In this seminar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Generate more sales by giving back to the community
  • Create a repeatable lead generation system
  • Create an extraordinary customer experience to propel growth
  • Remove business bottlenecks so you can make a lasting impact

This breakfast will give you the tools you need to grow and systemise your business while defining your lasting legacy.

The Presenters:

David Foldi – Sharp DDS Group

Make More Money While Giving Back

You business is either good or exceptional, the problem is, so is everyone elses!

Would you agree the media is focusing more and more on helping the community and saving the planet? Would it be ok if we showed you how to stand out from the crowd and give back to the community while making more money?

Young people want to change the world and they are desperately looking for inspiration from businesses like yours.

The world is riding on a massive wave of “Transaction Based Giving” by giving back in a meaningful sustainable way to the community. The time to act is now.

Would it be ok if your clients were so inspired they were talking to their friends, family and business colleagues about why they should deal only with you?

Let us explain step by step how to gain new sales from areas you never thought possible while creating stronger margins and deeper client connections. 

David has Managed and owned diverse businesses from being a Plumber to Managing Hotels and creating the largest ULAB collection company (Orbitas) in Australia. His experience in Business and sales gives him an extraordinary insight into business management and allows him to run a successful sales team at “Make a Difference Office Machines” which operates within the Largest Sharp Copier dealer in the Country. We’ve turned a boring Office machine into a Giving Machine.

We Print Food!


Andrew Marmont – Conqurve Content Marketing

Enrolling Your Community in Your Business and Your Cause

Most businesses struggle to communicate consistently with their customers. They are industry experts, have a deep knowledge of what they do, but don’t know how to convey this. Instead of becoming the industry go-to, they become the forgotten. And suddenly your client relationships aren’t as strong as they used to be. In this presentation, we will discuss:

  • How to position yourself as an industry expert
  • Creating a system to create regular leads each month
  • How to craft a message that deepens your connections with your customers
  • How to build a long-term content strategy that generates consistent ROI

Andrew Marmont is the CEO of Conqurve Content Marketing. He has worked in content creation for over 10 years – as an author, business and sports journalist – which gives him a unique insight into messaging and communication. He founded Conqurve in 2018 to help time-poor businesses deepen connections with their clients.



Rob Jagger – Outcomes Business Group

Creating an Extraordinary Customer Experience to Propel Growth

Do you want a business that self generates referrals and where your customers come back time and time again? Well the answer to this lies in providing an extraordinary customer experience.

Most businesses provide only a satisfactory customer experience. Basically, they are doing just enough to meet expectations. It is only when we create an extraordinary customer experience that we truly delight our customers.

In this presentation Rob will discuss a strategy to make your customers feel really special and cared for by far exceeding their expectations. Also, he will review the drivers of profitability and how to develop a process to maximise them. And by doing so, he will demonstrate how to propel your business for maximum growth and free you up so that you give back to society as you choose. 

Rob Jagger is a Senior Business Coach at Outcomes Business Group, specialising as a Business Exit Strategist. Aside from an MBA and being a Certified Exit Planning Adviser (CEPA) he has more than 20 years of broad business experience across commercial, manufacturing, financial admin and supply chain sectors.


Kerry Anne Nelson  – Operation Verve

Melbourne business speaker

Systemise So You Can Make an Impact that Lasts

All business owners set out with a vision of a business that makes a real impact in the world, whilst giving them more time, and delivering lasting wealth. Realising these ambitions is easier said than done, with daily pressures blocking business expansion. It’s one thing to know what you want in business, but it’s another thing entirely to be able to get there. Exponential business growth requires practical action steps to create sustainable pathways to more lucrative, rewarding outcomes. Through this talk you will learn:

In this presentation you’ll learn:

  • How successful entrepreneurs create lasting business freedom
  • Proven steps to set up business systems that run on autopilot
  • Strategies to deliver team certainty, sustainable growth and lifestyle choices

Kerry Anne Nelson is known for her obsession with formalising workplace processes to make things run smoothly. Having transformed her debt-ridden family business after her husband’s unexpected death in 2014, Kerry Anne now teaches entrepreneurs across the globe to revel in the snowballing freedoms which come from streamlined systems.


Sandringham Yacht Club
Jetty Rd
Sandringham, VIC 3191 Australia
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Sandringham Yacht Club
Jetty Rd
Sandringham, VIC 3191 Australia
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