Driving Actions To Match Identity


There is no surer way to anxiety and depression than to wake up every morning to a life that is not aligned with who you are. With every passing day I become increasingly obsessed with ensuring that my insides match my outsides, because I know from experience that the alternative leads to conflict that can become debilitating. With every passing season, I have directed my choices to ensure that who I am is reflected in everything I do. This applies in my goals, my friendships, my leisure time and my work. I experience fulfilment, confidence and contentment only when I live and breathe as the truest version of myself in every moment.

With my children settled with me in their new Wagga home, there were some life choices I needed to reevaluate because they no longer served my purpose. Training with Alec in Sydney, and then setting up shop with him in Wagga had been vital because it allowed me to see myself in new ways:

  1. It made me see myself as a business owner, and with this transformational new perspective, old working class limitations were completely smashed to smithereens.
  2. It made me see myself as a survivor who was strong and resilient, and with this new power I learned that I am not easily destroyed.
  3. It made me see myself as the director of my life who is always able to achieve new heights, and with this new confidence, my ambitious imagination soared as free as a bird.

Working with Alec had been so truly empowering, but I knew that my life needed to take a different direction if I was to continue to grow into myself. It only took a few months before I decided to leave our Godfreys store. With the full support of Alec, my one-man cheer squad, I went to study, first at my local church Bible College, and then, when I realised that I was actually quite smart and good at reading and writing and communicating, I applied this confidence to the new challenge of Primary Teacher Training at University. I took to this purpose like a duck to water. I always remember the Marianne Williamson quote when I reflect on my time at uni:

You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you.

Kerrys Grad 222

As the only First Class Honours graduate, I was invited to deliver the Valedictorian speech

The success I had at uni was nothing short of remarkable. My transcript is so outstanding that it’s almost absurd. I soaked up the learning like a dry old sponge in an oasis, and described the new knowledge I gained as simply being inserted into a filing cabinet that had been waiting inside me all along. I was made for teaching, and it showed. Even now, after several seasons have passed and life has changed, I know I will always teach in some shape or form. Teaching combines my natural love of people and hunger for learning with my intelligence and my extroverted personality. There is nothing more rewarding for me than investing in someone else’s learning journey, and empowering them with the tools they need to craft their own success. I am a born teacher. I want nothing more than to see my students shine. It really is that simple. I love it! Finding this Kerry-shaped space was truly one of the most liberating breakthroughs of my life.

When who I am is aligned with what I do, I activate the forces of a power that can only come from my core when this power is not hindered or silenced by compromise.   When I treat my strengths and ambitions with the highest of regard by creating a life that reflects my best self, I build a self-respect that is unshakeable. This self-respect then fuels my pursuit of ongoing significance and influence in my world, and there is no greater reward than finding this. When I like who I am, and build a life that reflects that, I am unstoppably free, and my power knows no bounds.

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