Making Dreams Come True


Making choices to advance is not about setting goals that redefine you, or trying to transform yourself into someone new. It’s not about pay-back or indebtedness. The you that is here today is perfect. You are here now, in this day, in this moment, this breath. You are the bridge that connects every thing that has happened before with everything that will come after. You don’t have to find a new you. But you can always find new ways to express that wonderful person inside.

I came to a turning point after my voice loss where I simply said “Enough is enough!” I was done with carrying hurt and resentment, and I accepted completely that taking forward steps was up to me. I was ready for progress. I worked hard at it, and fast. I applied all of my natural strengths as a carer, a worker, a writer and an organiser to the task. I pulled out all of the practical skills that I had learned over my life, and I combined these with the resources that I had at that time. As I accepted the value of this season, I made choices that allowed me to make the most of it all by using everything that I had. This showed me a conviction that I have to this day: we already have everything we need to find and follow the passions of our heart. We need nothing extra, from without or within. When we champion who we are, and we use what we have, more will inevitably come.


We fitted our garage out to house overflowing stock of vacuum parts

Investing in the opportunity to build our business was the best idea I’d had in a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed rising to the opportunities that I could see with these new eyes of optimism I was developing. All the blogs I wrote about vacuum parts, and the product listings I created on our website in between my teaching work made Google very happy with us. Google started driving more and more traffic to our site. Which of course meant that we started seeing lots of online customers. And they wanted to buy lots of stuff for their vacuum cleaner. Things felt crazy for a while with our garage bursting with stock that had to be packaged up every evening for collection the next morning. There was lots of pocket money earned by our children in those days.

Now, a defining attribute of my relationship with Alec has always been our commitment to growth. We loved having a big life full of advancement, and we had gigantic dreams for the future. One of these ambitions was to move our garage warehouse operation to Melbourne, and to move there with it. We wanted to expand our business and social network, to pursue opportunities with importing, and to seek out some local city customers with deeper pockets than the clients we served in Wagga Wagga.

Fortunately, our surge of success online just happened to coincide with the availability of Alec’s oldest and best friend Harry. He had left our home town and moved to Melbourne several years earlier and needed work. A social dinner with his beautiful girlfriend ended with a handshake agreement that we would move our garage set up to Melbourne asap, and Harry would run our warehouse and order fulfilment from this new site full-time. Our plan was to renovate and sell our house and follow our stock to our new life as fast as we could.

Navigating our way through adversity is always made easier when we expect to see opportunity hidden inside. While the facts of our circumstance seem absolute, it is our outlook that determines our outcome. I had spent so long inside the darkness of depression after I lost my voice, but in taking steps out into the light I realised that the person that I was then had been the same all along, and that this person wanted change that she was perfectly capable of initiating.

Within our core lie the dreams of our heart – the secret imaginations that we have been hiding from for too long. Owning up to them, and daring to believe that we were wrong about our fears changes everything. This shift allows us to apply all of our natural strengths, all of our skills, and all of our resources to the task of making these dreams come true.

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