Ignite Purpose Or Burn Out

Burn out is something that many of us have encountered. We all work extremely hard at meeting conflicting needs and urgent pressures, and often there is no room left for the purpose that once ignited our hearts. Tiredness and despondence is a natural, understandable reaction to days that are filled with rolling compromises, unrewarding efforts, confused ambition, and the relentless pressure of external priorities. The problem is that striving leads to ineffectiveness and exhaustion because we are missing the essential ingredient of purpose. The risk is that when push comes to shove, we sell out on the things that make us uniquely valuable, deeply content, vibrantly alive! We all need a fulfilling, custom-made intention that pulls us through seasons of listless disillusionment into driving conviction. We need to make a stand to establish, defend and advance our purpose in any and every situation.


Being disconnected from the vibrancy of my purpose caused tiredness and disillusionment

When I lost my voice it took me nearly two years to realise that what I had actually lost was a deep, defining connection to my purpose. Even though I was passionate about all of the things I had built my life upon, it dawned on me that somewhere along the way I had become disconnected from myself. I loved the things that filled my life, but somehow these things had become little more than mechanical operations.

We comprehend the defining Purpose of our Infinite Self by expanding our awareness of our Original, one-of-a-kind inner person

The source of my mistake was thinking that my actions defined my identity, and assuming that my life would never change. As I worked through my recovery I realised that life’s different roles and structures can only serve us if they are flexible to evolve. At the heart of the perfect life is the realisation that our humanity demands growth, and this growth relies on change. Our Infinite Self thrives when we understand that we exist to pursue a cause that sets us on fire, and that this cause can only be enlivened through change. In hindsight, I needed to learn that living a life fuelled by passion for my purpose relied on me embracing my need to continuously grow in myself.

From a biological point of view, growth is something we have in common with other living things, and it is simply an increase in measurable size. This is distinct from the development of the living thing, which involves the transformation that takes place while undergoing growth. In some living things growth can lead to dramatic transformation, as in the case of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, a tadpole becoming a frog, or a small seed growing into a large tree. All living things grow, and for complex animals such as human beings, this growth provides the vehicle for development and transformation. We simply can’t enjoy the fullness of our Infinite Self if we don’t champion our need for growth, and this growth comes from strategically responding to change.

When we watch ourselves acting powerfully in the world we begin to realise that we each have a unique reason for living that suits us down to the ground, and that this purpose will take us on a journey of unearthing our greatest assets. In real terms, knowing your purpose will highlight what you want in life, and also what you are willing to give up to get it. In coming to know your price like this, you will fortify yourself against compromise so that you no longer back down on things that are important to your identity. Knowing your purpose will also mean that you learn to choose your battles, because you will only want to engage with challenges that allow you to fulfil your reason for living. You might even see that you have been spending far too much time and energy on meaningless drama and useless activity that brings no reward whatsoever. Finally, knowing your purpose will mean that you are able to find the work that energises you. The work that you will do with passion and flow will be the work that targets your purpose and allows you to shine in the fullness of your strengths.

As I recovered my sense of purpose, I unearthed the deepest parts of my identity, and this allowed me to recover my voice. Tightness in my throat was replaced with the liberty of free flowing wholeness. Disillusionment and despair gave way to direction and strategic action. Mundane activity was replaced with work that set my heart on fire and my imagination racing with possibilities. These are the three things that I learned about growth as I emerged from the trauma of the voice strain injury:

  1. GROWTH IS CONTINUOUS: There is a valuable opportunity tucked away in every situation, and knowing our purpose will highlight specific ways that we can exploit every single situation for our greater cause.
  2. GROWTH IS DRIVEN BY PURPOSE:  We each have unique superpowers, and when we establish what they are and operate in them, we can live for our purpose without ever stopping.
  3. GROWTH ALWAYS WANTS MORE: This sort of life inspires an insatiable desire for expansion, and as we extend into living our purpose we find that our capacity for life, love and wholeness is perpetually enlarged.

Possess Your Power

People watching is one of my favourite activities. We human beings are mesmerising subjects, and under the microscope of observation the fascination only gets better. When I look at the people around me on a good day, I feel great, and the world looks grand. On that day, people look how I feel. They look smiley and confident and generous and kind. People look like they have everything they need to make progress in their life, and I am happy for them, down to my core. I want each person I see to take their own powerful steps towards growth along their own unique path. When I am operating out of my fullest, most liberated self I have not even the slightest inclination to compare myself with others because I am too busy enjoying the fact that I am enough. I am too busy embracing the fact that my journey, with all its challenges and all its spoils, are satisfyingly mine.


Comparison with others is swapped out for wholeness when we champion our  own power to move strategically

On a bad day, people look different. On this day I look out at the world around me and I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am mind-numbingly aware that I work too hard at working hard, and I sit back wishing that it could all be different.  From this outlook, we are entitled, acting as if we are somehow destined to have the successes we want in our life, without making the choices we need to transform moments into opportunities. We haven’t done what we need to do to enjoy the spoils of our success now. People do look different from this perspective: they are always further ahead than I am. They seem richer, smarter, healthier, happier. The sight that meets my eyes triggers the misery of my own internal bitterness. From this self-righteous mindset I risk being corrupted by my own jealousy, unless I take action towards my own progress.

We Possess new directions for our Infinite Self in Opportunity by taking strategic action in the world around us

I have found benefit in comparing ourselves not to other people, but more broadly, to other living things. It is a wonderful thing indeed to celebrate simply being alive, and to pull wisdom from a more intuitive way of being. Living things move their bodies. This movement is not initiated or caused by an external force but it is independent and directed by the living thing itself. The movement of living things allows them to source energy, to obtain essential requirements such as water or air, to respond to the environment, to reproduce, or to protect itself from a threat. The movement of the living thing is central to its ability to sustain its own life. As a human being, my health and happiness depends on my ability to move purposefully towards the things that I need for my own unique fulfilment.

Time passes and things will never stay the same, but our ability to redirect the flow of our circumstances is what defines us as unstoppable. When my back is against the wall in my health, my relationships, my business or my emotions, I must do something different. Strategic action is the only way that that I can actively Possess a new outcome. It is not enough to survive in this world. Thats what we have been doing all along. Simply pulling yourself out of bed and doing activity while time passes is a lifestyle, but it’s not living. To enjoy a freedom that can’t be stopped we must exchange surviving for thriving by moving strategically.

  1. MOVE ONLY TOWARDS INTENTION: I direct everything I do towards my Plan A. There are no short-cuts to the fulfilment of Plan A, and there is no prescribed route either. When life throws me off course, I respond by rerouting back towards my aims, intent on pursuing only what I need in my life to be happy.
  2. MOVE ONLY TOWARDS AUTONOMY: I know that I am the only one who can move myself, and I embrace that responsibility as a privilege. I am most powerful when I am taking ownership of my happiness. It is always up to me to move
  3. MOVE ONLY TOWARDS REWARD: I run at the point of no return like a bull at a gate, energising the steps I need for my future by enjoying the spoils of the steps I took in my past. I know that my daily journey is the inheritance I give myself so I squeeze every bit of joy from my Have-It-Now inheritance.

Activating our Power in the world opens our eyes to the fullness of the gains we can make only if we follow through to Possess these gains. Our Infinite Self will come into its own like never before when we drive every Powerful action towards success in areas we have defined for ourselves.

The Moon

Not only do I love living this life that I personally get to experience, but I treasure the fact that, as a human being, I get to share the same sorts of experiences with others. We all have so much in common in this world. With every rotation of our shared planet all of us are blessed with an array of sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings. At some point life serves us all with delicious, mouth-watering food, refreshing drops of rain, and the invigoration of a cool breeze. We have all been spoiled by the smell of rain, the boom of thunder, and the razor-sharp crack of a bolt of lightning. We have all known the hopeful promise of a glowing sunset.


I delight in so much of the world that we all get to live in, but without a doubt, I love sharing the moon with you more than any other thing. She is tantalisingly elusive and mysterious most of the time, exchanging the limelight for the modest beauty of collaboration; she yields to reflect the fire of the sun, to dance with the sparkle of the stars, and to drape herself with the costume of the clouds as they pass by.  But the moon knows her worth. She is in no rush. She will wait. With patience, she is content to work selflessly alongside those around her. But … when she is ready, and when heaven’s array provides a window of opportunity, the moon makes time serve her. In that moment, the moon shows that she is willing to radiate her own glorious perfection, without shame or fear. In her fullness, the moon is breathtaking. She rises with a voluminous, golden power that refuses to be ignored, then hoists herself up into the night sky to continue her stunning display. From her dark stage she shines, at first blanketing the fields with comforting warmth and grace, then projecting her clear, cool beam into any dark place that will have her. The ocean is a mirror for her glamour, magnifying her radiance to show the world that she is the fairest of them all. She splashes her light over us all without hesitation or discrimination, generously showering every part of creation with her brilliance, her sensuousness, her charm. She gushes love over each one of us equally.

I love that the moon presses on with the show right through the night. She is tireless. She rises higher, and shines stronger, and soars with more freedom. Her performance started with glory at the horizon, and then it persisted in a dazzling array of light up into the sky. And even though it is truly marvellous, the show still goes on longer, and with every part of her progress, the moon slowly reveals her intention. As she stretches further and ascends higher, the moon demonstrates that she is planning to climb to the top of the sky. As she scales the heavens she is relentless, unveiling still more of her energy, her grandeur, her authority. But in mastering this display of endurance, power and might, a perfect tragedy unfolds. The higher the moon becomes, the more distant her audience perceive her to be.

It was only a few hours ago that we all stared, our mouths watering over the glitzy celebrity moon as she announced herself from the horizon’s curtain. And she looked like she was close, because she was down here on our level, emerging from the skyline of the life that we know. But now, as she makes her way to the highest heights, she moves away from those familiar features of the landscape, and our human eyes can’t see that she is still just as close as she always was. Yes, she has her sights set on making it all the way to the top, but at no point in her journey will her distance from earth change. She will look like she is further away, but this is merely a trick played by our own limited minds. The moon’s climb to the pinnacle of her atmosphere cannot possibly take her any further away from the earth. She is held by the earth’s orbit. This world is the only home that the moon will ever know. The moon’s grandest act can only be performed in connection to the world she illuminates.

And the moon knows. She started the show with the intention of making the world brighter for her audience. And it was beautiful. And we watched. And we adored her. And the moon was happy, but not because of our human attention. The moon was happy because of her eternal intention. She never drew her energy from the accolades of the crowd, but from the drive of her mission. Her only motivation was to shine her light as far and wide as possible. As the gaze of the audience is lost, and our short span of attention turns to the comfort of our lounges and the coziness of our beds, the moon’s true nature is the only thing that is left. The most beautiful thing about the moon to me is that she is unstoppable in her passion. If you look out of your window in the early hours of the morning of the moon’s show, you will see her still there. Climbing. Striving. Persisting. Driven. Fulfilling her Purpose. Serving her Passion. Because it is who she is.

The Moon Show is a tragedy, but this is what makes it the most beautiful part of all.  It is beautiful because she radiates the fullness of her perfection. Because she pursues only her highest passion. Because she only exists to shine in service. Because she is compelled continue. Because no-one is watching. Because it is there for all the world to see, yet no-one sees it. Because I want to be her.

Perceive Your Moment

There are times in life that bring change that is completely unexpected, and too often we fall into the trap of interpreting these events as a disaster. It is so easy to view the world from the comfort zone of the normal, the predictable, the familiar … From this place, we think that fulfilment can only be experienced when all of life’s good things remain just as they are. The problem is that when changes come out of the blue and hurl us into an unknown landscape, our head spins us till we are dizzy and blind. Our first reaction is to feel intimidated and powerless, terrified that our personal limitations are going to usher in the day we have been dreading for as long as we can remember: the day where we finally come undone. The task of confronting our own fear and doubt is horrifying for some, nauseating for others. When a shift in circumstance comes out of the blue, we are forced to face the reality that things never stay the same.


Our Infinite Self tells a different story. She replaces fear with hope, doubt with trust, and dismay for celebration. In pure, blissful Optimism, she expects that every unfolding circumstance will serve her best interests, because she is confident in her ability to find every opportunity that is hidden in life’s twists and turns. She knows that the trick to freedom is realising that change is inevitable, and always as good as a holiday. She never makes the mistake of calling any moment a crisis or disaster, because she optimistically defines them as her Next Big Chance.

We Perceive the function of our Infinite Self with Optimism by making meaningful personal connections in the world around us

The day we decided to close the doors of That Repair Shop could have been the bleakest day for us, because it was a choice that we made in response to the very real threat of bankruptcy.

But it wasn’t.

Our choice to redirect our focus towards building other online income streams was not made out of fear or doubt. Yes, we had no idea how things were going to turn out. Yes, we were terrified. Yes, we were intimidated. And yes, the change caused an unprecedented level of discomfort. But no, this was not how things were going to stay. There was change in the air, and we threw ourselves into the pursuit of a freedom that is unstoppable. We maximised this change by actively believing that the future could be as bright as we hoped. It was a gamble that hinged on absolute investment. And we gave ourselves to it with abandon.

Our insecurities called us to a pathway of retreat, but instead, we decided once again to stretch ourselves and our vision into the big wide world. We took steps not of self-preservation, but advancement into the deepest passions of our heart. We launched ourselves out of the corner we found ourselves in by using the hardship as a launchpad into a world of possibilities. We decided to open our hearts wider to the world than we ever had before, believing that the world was our opportunity-making oyster. We trusted every good thing would come to us, and we put our money where our mouth was, literally! We acted on the hope that it would actually turn out okay in the end, knowing that if it wasn’t okay, then it wasn’t the end, so we could keep going.

We took this outlook into the next season of our lives, enjoying the pursuit of success almost as much as its spoils along the way. At the end of the day, we realised that random, unpredictable events will happen. This is certain. But, we also learned that our response can exploit obstacles for growth that couldn’t have come from any other pathway. We saw first hand that Our Infinite Self is always Optimistic because she thrives amidst interactions with a world whose only constant is lack of certainty. Even with our backs against the wall, we could run free in the knowledge that true expression comes from demonstrating our Infinite Self through the interactions we have with the world around us.

When we are clear on our mission in life, our responses in the day-to-day can be used to direct us right through the eye of the storm into a rich fulfilment that could not be experienced any other way.

  1. RESPOND TO YOUR SEASON: Our greatest pride should be the one we have in knowing ourselves and our passions, so that when the unexpected Change comes, we know how to direct our response towards deep fulfilment at all times.
  2. RESPOND WITH INVESTMENT: We should always take action that throws us into the pathway of realising our passions, regardless of how harrowing this pathway might be.
  3. RESPOND TO THE CAUSE: We should realise that off-the-cuff reactions attend only to the urgent demands of the moment, which are like the symptoms of a cold. But strategic responses direct everything we have towards the Passions of our heart, which attends to the greatest cause of all: the full expression of our Infinite Self.

Prepare For Openness

Who here has ever looked in the mirror and had a momentary flash of fear that they are simply not worthy? Who knows what it feels like to feel lost in a disconnected, mechanical lifestyle? How many have done their best to make the “right” decision every time, and yet somehow these choices have lead them to a place that feels very, very wrong? Who is worried that at some point they have swapped passion for function? Exchanged daring for security? Hunger for satisfaction? Who wants to be hungry again?


The problem is that we have been caught in the trap of trying to pursue a version of success that doesn’t suit us … so somewhere along the line we gave up on the child-like hope that makes us wonderfully open to everything that we can offer the world.  Now, we live every day in ‘defend and protect’ mode.

I am here to tell you that continuing this lifestyle will paint you into the world’s most isolated corner of exhaustion and despair. Even worse than this though, is the ongoing cost of this lifestyle, because it is built on you defending yourselves against the very things that could be used as a chance for growth

We Prepare the core of our Infinite Self for living with liberated Openness by ridding our inner selves of old baggage and excess waste

We Prepare ourselves for deep lasting fulfilment when we truly know who we are in our Infinite Self, in purity and unique perfection. This includes the cleansing that results from coming to know that we are not our flaws, we are not our actions, we are not our past decisions or experiences.

Human beings have lots of things in common with all other living creatures. We need nourishment to give us energy, we Respond to the world around us, we Grow, we Move, we Reproduce. As living things, we also Excrete waste. Our Excretory system is hardly the glamour child of our human condition, and yet we all know how disastrous it can be if it isn’t serving us properly. Our body relies on us taking in the nutrients to transform it into the Power we need to run our body’s normal life processes. But the body also needs to do something with the waste it creates along the way. We would be in trouble if our skin didn’t work to get rid of waste, and if you have given birth to even one child you will know that you don’t get very far through the day without a toilet stop.

I am proud of living a life that surpasses resilience, and I would like to tell you about the time where I learned about steps we can all take to cleanse ourselves of old, unwanted baggage. I hope that this will help your Infinite Self to travel lighter and more free than you could have possibly imagined.

I married my first husband Adam in 1994, when I was nineteen years old. Adam had many attributes that drew me to him, and we are still close friends to this day. In hindsight though, I have realised that Adam was attractive to me at that stage of my life simply because he was the exact opposite of my father.

Both of these men would agree they are nothing like each other. While Adam has always been fun and easy going, my Dad was a picture of work-driven ambition, proudly serving in the Australian Army and ruling our home with an iron fist. I was not close with my dad as I grew up, and even though we enjoy a much more genuine, respectful relationship now, my younger self wanted nothing more than to make a life that was completely different from the one I had known. The plunge I took with Adam into an early marriage was fuelled by my desire to escape my childhood baggage, and unfortunately hastened due to me falling pregnant. This situation is tough for any unwed teen, but it was particularly rough going for me as a youth leader in a church where sex outside of marriage was strictly forbidden. I faced the isolation of disapproval and rebuke at every turn.

Life has taught me that time passes and things change. It didn’t take too long for things to settle down, and thankfully other people’s real life dramas removed mine from the blazing scrutiny of the social spotlight. With the wheels of my life in motion, I stayed at home to care for Zac, my beautiful baby boy. After a couple of domestic years rolled by, I fell pregnant again, this time with my precious daughter Isabelle. My life ticked all of the boxes that you would expect. Things seemed to pan out for me just like all the other girls who start their life loaded up with the weight of old mindsets and unresolved conflicts.

I am sure that things could have continued on like this for the rest of my life. But I was absolutely miserable. By the time Isabelle was two years old, I was drowning in the deep waters of frustration and things needed to change. I decided to leave altogether, and took the next twelve months of my life to conduct a complete overhaul. As my Dad would say, I took a good hard look at myself. In my words, I took time to Prepare.

This time of Preparation was the first time that I had stood up and resisted the flow that had taken me where I didn’t want to go. To redirect my course, I needed to be brutally honest. I had to face the fact that I was lost and hurting, and that I had dreams and ambitions that demanded attention. I had to admit that I had been terrified of my strengths even more than my weaknesses, and that I had hidden behind a life time of excuses and laying blame elsewhere. I had to decide that I would learn how to see myself as beautiful, powerful and successful, and that I would not listen to the old scripts of doubt and fear and failure. To connect with this person who needed freedom, I had to make the brave commitment to pursue growth that would change everything I thought I knew. It was only in taking time to Prepare that I could come to cleanse myself of old hurts, to rid myself of destructive mindsets, and to replace negative ways of living with new habits that would be able to accommodate deep, lasting fulfilment.

Our Infinite Self is intuitively Open to all good things in the world. We all flow naturally in a state of seeking out our next big change to live, to love, to serve with abandon. Making the gut wrenching decision to leave my old life taught me three things that will help us to understand how to rid ourselves of the excess waste that is trapping us into a life that is defensive and closed.

  1. RID YOURSELF OF DOING TO PRIORITISE BEING: Our actions cannot create who we are. Our actions can liberate us only if we use them to reflect who we are.
  2. RID YOURSELF OF LIES AND EXCUSES: Brutal honesty is the freedom policy. It is only when we are transparent with ourselves that we can connect with our world in fullness.
  3. RID YOURSELF OF DESTRUCTIVE SCRIPTS: Listen carefully to the stories you tell yourself and others, and rewrite any words that diminish your value.

Power Doesn’t Come From Within

How many of us have been to seminars and left feeling pumped … but it turns into nothing? Or have had New Years resolutions that are dead by Easter? Or set goals that are never achieved? How many of us stick motivational quotes around our house to inspire us to be bigger and better than ever before, but nothing ever changes?  In our heart of hearts, we don’t really believe that we are powerful to effect or withstand change in our world. IMG_4401.JPG

The problem here is not that we lack Power. Rather, the problem is that we have been trying to manufacture a Power we can’t actually believe. We need evidence. We need to see this Power in action before we will believe it. The good news is that there is a more intuitive way of living that will allow us to truly know the Power of our Infinite Self. We all have Power that is already primed for activation within our Infinite Self, and to learn what that is we need to turn to nature. The reality is this:

Empowerment is Situational: The energy we need to make Power in ourselves comes from external sources in our world

Human beings have lots of things in common with all other living creatures. We Excrete waste, we Respond to the world around us, we Grow, we Move, we Reproduce. As living things, we need nourishment to give us energy, which we get from the world around us. In our western world we get food from our fridge and water from the tap. Thank God we have moved away from hunter gatherer lifestyles! We take this energy from our world, and then we transform it inside our bodies through our metabolism, to make Power that is useful to us. This is key!

For too long we have been trying to convince ourselves that our Power comes from within, but this is contradictory to our biological make up. We MAKE Power in ourselves, but we GET the energy for that process from the interactions we have with the world around us. We have been trying to manufacture Power inside ourselves all this time, but we know that it just doesn’t work! It’s time to flip this around to finally release our Infinite Self into a demonstration of Power in our lives that is completely Unstoppable.

I lost my voice in 2009 after working through a sinus infection I developed while teaching. The effects of the injury sent me into a spiral of Powerlessness which lasted a total of eighteen gruelling months of isolation. I developed a very healthy depression complete with flourishing drinking habit. I was a mess, emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially. I have never felt so disempowered in my entire life.

So much needed to change in my Perception of this situation to allow me to make positive progress through it, but the only way I could see a Power that I believed is by proving to myself that I really was in control of my choices and my feelings.  To stop drinking and start to win over the depression, I had to go without the drink, and start performing the actions of a happy person: running, laughing, dancing, loving my friends and family actively. This season taught me lessons that have helped my in every area of my life ever since:

TODAY’S BEST IS TOMORROW’S BENCHMARK: If we are going to truly believe that we have the Power we need to withstand and even create change in our lives, we need to see ourselves on a pathway of genuine life improvement. This means taking on a lifestyle of constant increase. The Japanese call it Kaizen. It means we never arrive at a culminating day of ultimate glory, because there are always new heights to be pursued. It means that we never face the risk of quitting or regressing when we hit the slump that often follows the achievement. It means we get to enjoy the rewards of this one moment while taking in the panoramic views of the bright future ahead.

With this approach we can take on quitting or simply reducing smoking, drinking, over-eating, or over-spending. We can overcome procrastination, over-sleeping, or workaholism. We can even make ourselves better people by putting a stop to gossip, lying, selfishness or self-doubt. Making Powerful progress in any area can only come this way. When I watch myself achieve a new level of success, I never go back to old ways of thinking, acting, talking, being.

Living this way means that we never find ourselves backing down or making compromises in our life. With this approach we finally do away with the struggle we have had in realising our Power at work, in our relationships, with our spending, in our family arrangements. This mindset means we always know that this part of our life is better than it has ever been before, and it can only get better from here.

NEVER BREAK A DEAL WITH YOURSELF: You will never believe you are Powerful if you watch yourself fail at commitments. Honestly, you are better to never make the commitment in the first place. The damage of breaking that promise is so much worse than never setting the goal that you don’t see through. Your self-respect is the central pillar of your Power. Once you make a promise to yourself, you must keep it if you want to know a Power that is Unstoppable.

Because of the serious approach I take with making commitments, I hesitate every time. I may well be the only coach or motivator who ever suggests that you avoid setting goals. It’s not that they are not important … I just know that failing to achieve them can have a damaging and even destructive effect. Of course achieving new landmarks is important to progress, so I have developed a positive, human-friendly approach that helps to minimise the damage of possible failure.

SET UP WINS, NOT GOALS: My goals function more as an expectation of the sequence of wins that I have set myself up for. I know that I will get better at being me, in an increasingly limitless expression of my Infinite Self, if I simply practice being that person in my normal day-to-day life. I grow into new wins financially by directing my spending plan towards my priorities, and I enjoy wins in my family by learning how to love in ways that are generous, healthy and sustainable. I string wins together in business by managing my time and resources strategically, and I also enjoy wins as a writer by persisting every day with being consistent and enlivened by my work.

I have ideal outcomes in mind for every area of my life, but I need to remember that I can only draw energy from my smaller wins, and I transform that energy into Power inside me. I am currently working towards running a marathon, and I have even set this year as my timeframe, but I hold loosely to it all knowing that this goal, like all goals, can only be achieved on the back of wins that follow wins.

To pursue the goal I must first let go of it. This relief from striving will prevent us from the burnout that comes from chasing after big goals that feel unobtainable. The primary aim is always for the smaller win of progress, so the greatest endeavour is making a life that allows me to string wins together. The energy that comes from real life wins allows me to renew the Power of my Infinite Self. When I want to achieve something I do work at it, but always mindful of these truths:

  • striving for Power is the opposite of generating it
  • no single goal can bring me ultimate fulfilment
  • progress is the natural result of persistence
  • each Now moment presents its own fleeting opportunity for reward
  • goals are designed to end but wins fuel more wins

We can take each of these three approaches into every area of our life to experience the Power of our Infinite Self. The attributes of self-respect, constant improvement, persistence, and celebrating wins will always offer more lasting reward than finite, limited progress in any one area, because these attributes give us the proof we need to believe that we really are Powerful.  To truly come to know the Power of our Infinite Self, we need this evidence. We need to watch ourselves draw energy from our successful performance in the world, and then transform that energy into the Power we need to turn any disaster into our Next Big Chance.


Real life throws challenges our way every single day. I have noticed that some people struggle through even the smallest of challenges, while others can transform the toughest situation into life changing opportunity. The incidence of mental illness is increasing so rapidly in this country that it is expected to be our society’s leading health problem by 2030. It is becoming increasingly urgent for us to develop the skills we need to respond to adversity with power and optimism. We all know that life can be genuinely hard, but you are the only person in the entire world with the power to awaken your True Self. And the way you do this is by deliberately, strategically breaking into who you are to change what you find.  I am here to tell you to empower yourself to Unstoppable Freedom!  We need to unlock the words that we think and say to transform how we see the world. Because How you see determines What you see.

There are three simple steps that I know from experience will help you get started on this journey.  Your Unstoppable Freedom needs you to:



My life is built on the power of my words to promote growth through life’s toughest days

I live by this process every single day. It’s a one trick wonder that can be reused for the rest of your life. At first it will feel clunky because you will be liberating your True Self for the very first time, but as you practice, you are going to become an expert at putting yourself through this cycle. It will become your intuitive response to everything life could possibly throw at you, and it will become the passcode to the new life that you create along the way.

Let’s start with Control.

You are the boss of you. You’re the boss of your words. You’re the boss of your thoughts. You’re the boss of your actions. So then, it follows that you are the boss of your feelings. This is very, very important. If we are going to learn how to empower ourselves so that we can transform even the toughest challenges into life changing opportunity, we need to realise that we are the boss of our feelings, and that our feelings can be controlled by the words we say, first to ourselves, and then to other people.

Now let’s be honest. This Control idea doesn’t mean that we have control over the things that are happening around us. We all know that there are things that happen without our permission. God knows I would love to have been in control of some of the disasters that have punctuated my life story.

But your problem isn’t the problem: The deal-breaker here is your reaction. The reality is we don’t have control over some of the events in our life, but what we can control is our response to it. How we react to life’s challenges, or how we respond to life’s opportunities literally changes our course forever. Viktor E Frankl puts it perfectly:

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

In every single circumstance there is an opportunity just waiting to be realised, and by controlling the way we see things – controlling our thoughts and our talk – we can start to turn situations around and see opportunity where there used to be disaster or crisis. Let’s stand up!  Let’s take control of ourself, our choices, our behaviour, and we do this by controlling the words that we are saying to ourselves.

With the Control part sorted, the next step is ALT.

We awaken our True Self when we realise the power we have to Control ourselves and our direction, but we enlighten ourselves only when we start to alter what we find inside. We need to be really honest with ourselves. How do I see myself? What does my perfect life look like in my imagination? These questions are so important that I suggest taking a minute now to reflect and write your answers down.

You need to be able to see what’s there inside you, and when you know what’s there, you have the power to change it. This is the key to combatting stress, fear, loneliness, anxiety, hopelessness. Your new words are going to remind you that you are powerful over yourself, and that you can implement choices that target your perfect life.

Now we have Control over our words, and we have altered what we say to ourselves, next comes Delete, because you will have some cleaning house to do. You need to start deleting some of your old thoughts because they don’t serve the person you are releasing from within, and they don’t allow you to pursue the life your soul longs for. Your old thoughts mask your True Self in surrender and despair, and they hide your perfect life in fear, and procrastination and doubt.

The only way that you are going to be able to Delete the old is if you have new words to replace them. We are humans, so we can’t format our hard drive like a computer.  Our memories and our subconscious learning will always be there … but we can replace, we can recreate, we can redefine ourselves. This is how humans change and grow. We control our words to alter our outlook, then we delete the old words we used to say so that we can enjoy being our True Self, and chase down our perfect life.