Business Like A Boss


Do you want to make eyes widen and jaws drop when people see what you are capable of in your business? Here are seven super fast ways to impress your colleagues, clients and curious passers by. Here’s how to strut your stuff in your business.

Consistency is the key to being seriously hot stuff in your business

Daily Checklists

To do Business Like A Boss all your work should be set up before you start. Nothing should be done without having it scribbled in a notebook at the very least. A diary or calendar filled with jobs and appointments will keep you productive and on task so you don’t waste time wondering what to do next, or moseying your way across to the water cooler because you have no sense of just how much needs to be done by the time you call it a day. Move fast and cross that list off like there’s no tomorrow.

Project Management Software

Project management software is like next level checklists, and this is where you really start doing Business Like A Bosss. These let you map larger ongoing tasks, then note progress milestones along the way. I’ve heard Trello software is great, and we currently use Asana for managing daily tasks and ongoing development projects. We’ll move to RTMS early in 2018 to measure our performance ratings against KPIs. It’s a subscription based model with upgrades rolling out faster than the North Korean army.

Electronic Calendars

EVERYTHING must go in your calendar if you’re doing Business Like A Boss. Appointments, meetings, phone calls, deadlines, events and reminders all need to be in there. The person doing Business Like A Boss never makes an appointment without checking their calendar and entering the details. I cry inside when I see my colleagues pull out paper diaries. Electronic calendars are accessible from your phone, desktop or other device, and can also be managed by an assistant so you don’t have to do it all.

Phone Apps

I had a business idea once that remains in the shadowy corners of my enterprising mind … what if we could sell our micro time? You know, the time we spend waiting for a public bathroom, get on a train, purchase our groceries, or even the time we spend waiting for a screen to load because the internet in our country is shamefully slow. Apps for our banking, accounting, shopping, social media etc give us new ways to invest even these tiny units of time. How many micro moments might an ordinary person be able to offer an enterprising employer who knows how to maximise resources?  With phone apps, anyone could help their employer do low level tasks like reconciling transactions, managing a calendar, monitoring emails, and ordering just about anything online. As entrepreneurs doing Business Like A Boss, we should be using these micro moments to save our larger chunks of time into the real work.

Email Filters

Most of our emails are important but not urgent. They require us to read them regularly but not daily. Using a filter to make your important emails bypass your inbox and pop them aside until it is time to read them is how you do Business Like A Boss. It keeps your inbox clear and filling only with items that must be seen immediately. This assumes of course that we are ruthless with our unsubscribes and blocking unwanted senders. An email filter with a calendar reminder to check these emails is a Boss combination.

Presets and Scheduling

Technology is the gift that keeps on giving. We are increasingly able to set things up in advance to roll out when we choose so it all flows without us. We can preset alarms, reminders and timers to keep us on track with tasks and appointments. And scheduling tools can be used to activate a myriad of things when we want them to run: emails, social media posts, automatic payments, account reports, software updates, order deliveries … heck, even your washing machine can run so it’s finishing up just as you get home!

NEVER Procrastinate

Finally, people doing Business Like A Boss never fall into the trap of putting things off. Delaying things that are meant to be done now causes stress and anxiety, reduces our potential for achievement, and creates bad habits that interrupt our work flow. Worse than all this though, is that when we don’t do the work we know we should do, we undermine our greatest source of power: Our self respect. When we procrastinate through laziness, boredom, excuses, nerves or even fear, we send ourselves the very dangerous message that what we do is not important, and that we are not quite up to the task. When we are doing Business Like A Boss we grab every opportunity that life throws us with both hands, and we run at them like a bull at a gate.

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