2017 Freedom Goals


“The greater danger for most of us isn’t that our aim is too high and miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” 


At this time of year we have a sense of being bright eyed and bushy tailed, thankful that last year is over and overflowing with optimism about the promise of the year ahead.

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2017 is the year you taste freedom

In the past we have approached this turn of the new year with resolve. We have surveyed the landscape of our life, and we have taken stock of our work, our relationships, our health, our finances, our lifestyle. This time of year inspires us to reflect, and evaluate, and appraise.

But for some strange reason, some of us have used these things to measure the value of our lives … Indeed, we have drawn on these things to rate our very person. We have judged ourselves against an unforgiving, arbitrary standard. We have quantified the contribution we have made, and the progress we have gained so far. Our view during these times can easily become tainted with comparisons which create feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, deficiency, lack.

This year is different. This is not the time to figure out how you could do more, be more, have more. There is no goal or performance or achievement that will tell you the thing you need to celebrate most at this time of year. Well, what is worth celebrating then?

It is YOU!

In this coming year you will survey your life with eyes that nurture the spectacular person that you are. You will appreciate your loving heart, your generous spirit, your undying dedication, your relentless tenacity. You have come so far! You have done yourself proud. You have given your all. Now is the time to celebrate and pat yourself on the back.

And as you look forward to the wide blue yonder of 2017, do so with care. It’s time to do away with the rod of denial, perfectionism, regret and disapproval that you have made for your own back. Instead, embrace the possibilities of the new year. Search the depths of your pure, perfect centre. You never know what could happen if you muster up courage to release your power.

Oh, imagine the things that could erupt into the life you have today.

With so much to leave behind, and so much to look forward to, let’s take a minute all to ourselves. For just a sparkling moment, life is going to be all about you. This is your time of gratitude, reflection, aspiration, vision.

Close your eyes and open your heart.

Breathe …

Simply inhale a feeling of peaceful hope, contented anticipation, and the certainty of faith. Glimpse into your future. Dare to believe that 2017 is your year to shine.

In this instant you have the chance to set your mind for the year. This is not so much about setting goals, but rather fixing your gaze on the vision of the life you desire, and the magnificent person you will continue to unearth. Let us start this year with a solemn vow. Right now, you can make this pledge:

I declare that 2017 is my year of ______________

I will make it a priority to feel better this year. I will direct my thoughts and experiences to focus on these three feelings most of the time:

  1. ___________________
  2. ___________________
  3. ___________________

How I see determines what I see. In 2017 I will reframe the way I perceive adversity, set backs and failure. I will look for ways to grow in all things, but I will make these three areas my priority:

  1. __________________
  2. __________________
  3. __________________

This year I will be brutally honest with myself, and I will not permit old ways of thinking any longer. Up until now I have believed things that deep down, I know are not true. I used to believe these things, but I will do away with these lies and excuses in 2017:

  1. I am _________________________________
  2. The world is ____________________________
  3. My life is ______________________________

Now I will believe these things:

  1. I am _________________________________
  2. The world is ____________________________
  3. My life is ______________________________

I will not allow destructive mindsets to motivate me any longer. Now that I have done away with these old ways of thinking, I would like to make 2017 the year I have a go at:


I know that when I flow in love, passion and creativity I produce the best results in all areas. This year, I want that deep flow to create:



I welcome you with open arms. You are the year I have been preparing for my whole life. To you, I bring all of my skills, experience, insight, hopes, dreams and determination. I offer you all that I am, and everything that I have, in passionate pursuit of my purpose.



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