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    Information & Inspiration For Business Leaders


KERRY ANNE NELSON Busienss Process Consultant Speaker Author
Information & Inspiration For Business Leaders


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Kerry Anne Nelson is a dynamic leadership speaker, business author and business process consultant who inspires you to unlock your business potential, then shows you HOW to fulfil it


Unstoppable Freedom is following your deepest passions without limits in your business. Often this ideal is easier said than done, with daily constraints squeezing out our potential for business expansion. It’s one thing to know what we want in business, but it’s another thing entirely to know how to get there. For us to enjoy the benefits of exponential business growth, we need a daily plan. We need to know the practical steps that will offer sustainable pathways to more lucrative outcomes. Through Kerry Anne’s talk you will learn how to:

  • Stop wasting time on work that doesn’t work
  • Target business growth strategies that give you more bang for your buck
  • Make more time and money from your time and money


Kerry documented all key roles, responsibilities and procedures down to the finest detail in step-by-step manuals that made it easy for anyone stepping into those roles even if they had no experience. Kerry was supportive and a natural at teaching new skills


“Not only is Kerry Anne an inspiring and engaging public speaker, I have also been very impressed by her ability to implement efficient systems, structures and processes to run very successful events and help others in their businesses”

Lise SaugeresMindfully Serene

“Kerry Anne is such a dynamic force and captivating story-teller. Her presentation recharged and inspired us” 

Adam TaylorCardsite

“You can’t help but catch Kerry Anne’s energy and hang on every word… She has so many gifts to offer – in personal lives and business lives, and will continue to change lives on a big scale!” 

Alexandra AndreaMarketing Energisers

“In business, it’s very easy sometimes to have a great idea get wasted and put on the “to do” list and never get it done. Well not with Kerry, I came to her with and idea and she said yes I can make that happen for you. The outcome exceeded my expectations”

Daniel BurgessThe Phoenix Experiment

Kerry Anne is a passionate, vibrant human being! Her drive, know-how and ability to impart her ideas in a non-threatening and encouraging way is incredible. She gave me easy-to-implement, practical steps that I could start on straight away” 

Miree HancockEthical Entrepreneur

“Kerry’s expertise, passion to help others and enthusiasm makes it a joy to work with her. Her knowledge is extensive and her commitment to learn and grow is breathtaking.” 

Laura Boselli

“Thank you Kerry for sharing so enthusiastically with us last night. You gave us such wisdom to help us be business people rather than being slaves to our business. All of us who attended were educated with your knowledge and fascinated by your story” 

Ian Faulkenerthe HealthWise Guy

“What a delightful experience working with you yesterday. No nonsense content, references, examples, templates, explanations, a clear strategy and how to implement it. Awesome.Thank you so much” 

John CirakThe EX-perienced Bachelor

The best thing about the workshop was how Kerry Anne taught us. She is funny, has an awesome attitude and really valuable content. I am already more aware of the need to record my daily tasks and the steps I follow in order to make a manual that everyone can use and understand.

Claudia Loscos PauSocial media Marketing, Careerists Consulting Group

I really love the workshop and it is so insightful. I have been really overwhelmed with all of the content about operational manuals. Now, I know exactly what I should be doing and how I should be doing it. Thank you so much Kerry.

Pusamsha BhattaraiSocial Media Marketing, Careerists Consulting Group


– by Kerry Anne nelson

Kerry Anne’s deeply personal reflections allow you to embark on your own pathway of self discovery. Creating My Infinite Self brings Kerry Anne’s story to life in a way that will transform how you see yourself and your world. Throughout this journey you will learn that you already have everything you need to find and follow your deepest passions.


What new opportunities exist right now that could not have happened if things had followed the old path of your life?

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#business #leadership #entrepreneurs

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Some advice on how to protect your operational IP without compromising the trust you have in your staff:

Secure all your business logins in an online service which stores sensitive information securely.

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I could never have come to understand the power of healthy habits the way I do now.

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